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Practice Survey Reporting

Budbrooke Patient Participation Group Report 17/18 

Budbrooke Patient Participation Group Report 15/16

Budbrooke Patient Participation Group Report 13/14


Local Patient Participation Report 2015-2016



Practice Name: Budbrooke Medical Centre


Local Patient Participation Report 2015-2016




Budbrooke Medical Centre is a purpose built practice premises located in Hampton Magna, Warwick.


It provides care to its patients in the rural area between Henley in Arden, Kenilworth, Warwick, Stratford and Wellsbourne. The doctors and practice staff are committed to providing the best care possible and strongly welcome any comments or suggestions for improvements from their patients. As a result of this commitment, the practice has a patient reference group which provides feedback from our patient population.


The practice population is approximately 4400 patients, The age sex population is within national normal limits, the prevalence of chronic long term illness is broadly average in relation to national prevalence


The practice area encompasses representative areas of affluence and socio-economic deprivation. In the area local to the practice there is minorities that include French, Eastern Europe, Asian & Black African

The practise has 1 partner GP, male. There are also 3 part time salaried GP’s who 3 female.

The surgery has a pharmacy and we dispense for most of our patients.

Consultations are also provided by treatment room nurses, chronic disease management nurses and phlebotomy.

The Survey was offered in the surgery to patients and was sent out from the patient reference group via email, SMS messages and in surgery. Information about the survey was documented on the surgery website.

Survey Subject:

The survey was devised by and in the PPG group meetings and agreed with the surgery practice management team. The aim of the survey was to ascertain contentment with current services and to seek out areas of improvement

A description of the profile of the Budbrooke members of PPG



The PPG virtual and group is made up of 190 members who have volunteered their time and ideas to help the practice with feedback. They have been recruited from both sexes and cover all ages and every ethnicity within the practice. Members with long term conditions and disabilities are represented. As a result we are fortunate to have a PPG which is representative of our practice registered population.


The PPG is made up from a virtual group via our website and emails and are represented by the following;


Ever 1.5-2 months a group of up to 14 PPG members meet to discuss surgery issues. There is a chair and vice chair persons and a secretary from the Budbrooke administrational team. The chairman attends 3PG meetings and other members often attend other meetings, for example have your say days.



Recruitment of PPG




The practice actively sought to recruit representative groups of patients through face to face invitation at the practice, and when new patients registered and we also have a board by the reception desk with PPG information on.


A dedicated section on the website has been created, including forms to register interest.


Steps taken by the practice to ensure that the PPG is representative of its

registered patients:

-       Recruitment of members to the group was invited by email, reaching wide numbers of the patient population

-       Talking to patients when they come to the practice about the patient participation

-       Local key stakeholder organisations were engaged to seek support and membership, eg. Health watch

-       Dedicated PPG email address

-       PPG meetings bi-monthly held at the surgery

-       Section on the monthly surgery newsletter from the PPG meetings


Where a category of patients is not represented,

-       Local key stakeholder organisations were engaged to seek support and membership, eg. Children’s Centre User group, Carers group

-       Local community centre was approached to publicise the PRG and support engagement. For example the local shop.


Future actions to be completed:


·         Production of PPG newsletter that can be sent out to patients




Agreeing areas of priority with the PPG


Priorities for the group:


-       Communication within the practice – PPG will look at ways of assisting with communication to patients, including introducing information screens, input into website, addressing campaign boards and information boards. Signing off communications to patients where possible.

-       Group to address main concerns of patients

-       Group will be representative and represent patients, continuously look at increasing attendance from different patient sectors, for example working patients, stay at home mothers/fathers providing childcare, ethnic minorities, young patients 16-25 range, patients with disabilities, carers, unemployed patients.

-       Changing priorities and how the group responses to these.

-       Outside influences that can put demands on Budbrooke services

-       Attendance to other meetings that feed into Budbrooke PPG


Actions to be completed in the future;


  • Minutes from the meetings to be displayed in the surgery and on the website
  • Young patients engagement plan



Collating patient views through the use of survey



Survey was set up and displayed within the surgery and sent out via email and SMS messages .


Total Number of Responses: 417 This is approx 10% of the population, which is very respectable percentage for a survey


Budbrooke Medical Centre

Patient Participation Group Survey 2015-2016



Q1. What is your of satisfaction with the practice’s opening hours:

Excellent: 46.75%

Good: 43.86%

Fair: 7.47%

Poor: 1.93%

Q2. Are you satisfied with appointment times on offer:

Yes: 91.35%

No: 3.85%

Unsure: 4.81%


Q3.How important would the availability of weekend appointments be to you:

Very Important: 13.29%

Occasionally important: 62.80%

Not at all important: 23.91%


Q4. How does Budbrooke Medical Centre compare with family and friends who are registered at other practices:

Much better: 79.26%


Much worse: 0.00%


Q5.Are you aware you can book a telephone consultation with a doctor or a nurse here at Budbrooke:


No: 38.55%




Q6. Overall, how often do you wait more than 15 minutes to see your doctor?

Always: 5.11%

Most of the time: 11.68%

About half of the time: 15.57%

Once in a while: 54.50%

Never: 13.14%


Q7.How well are you informed if a doctor or nurse is running late with their appointments?

Well Informed: 28.64%

Sometimes informed: 34.71%

Not informed: 21.60%

Not experienced such delayed: 15.05%


Q8.Would you like the practice to embrace social media such as twitter and facebook as a form of communication to patients, particularly to engage with the 14-25 year old patient population?  

Yes: 17.07%

No: 37.74%

Unsure: 45.19%


Q9. Are you aware of the patient participation group that meets with the surgery staff to help improve services for Budbrooke patients?

Yes: 56.01%

No: 43.99%


Q10. Budbrooke Medical Centre would like to invite interested parties to participate in our PPG committee meetings. We would like to attract a varied age range that would better enable us to understand a wider range of views. Please state below if you would be interested:

Yes: 30.39%

No: 69.61%


Q11. How satisfied are you with the practice as a whole?

Extremely satisfied: 76.92%

Fairly satisfied: 19.95%

Somewhat satisfied: 2.64%

Not satisfied: 0.48%



Q12. Are there any other suggestions you may have to improve our services?

-       Free text from patients

-       110 responses

-       Analysed by PPG in a meeting – July 2016- These notes have come directly from the minutes of the PPG:

PD: Has gone through the free format of the survey and pick up several things most of which we already know about.

Lot of people are requesting the repeat prescription box be located outside of the building so that prescriptions can be dropped outside of office hours i.e. evening and weekends, people who are working would finds this very helpful. Is this feasible

HW: Explained the reason was because before the building was here it was an empty area and there was quite a problem with vandalism. That has not been a problem now for a few years so maybe we could get a letter box or a secure box on the side of the building. SAD to action.

PD:   Another point was more communication around the issue of later running, there are now information posters put up on the wall to inform patient that GP or Nurses are running later, reception to also advise patients when booking in

SD: We have also updated the TV screen to say that if patient are waiting a long time to inform reception. Sue is currently updating the screen with a few other things.

PD: Another theme is more appointment for later in the evening, patient saying to extend until 7pm to enable people to come to appointment and collect prescription.

HW: Already extended from 4 until 5pm

SAD:   We would have to think about it because we are not contracted to do extended hours

HW:   Said problem is staff.

SAD: Said maybe we can trial something

PD: Mentioned also Saturday morning’s appointment and dispensary opening for collection    of drugs, taking it one step further.

10/400 (2.5%) only a small percentage of people.

Problem with employers not allowing time off for GP appointments.

TM: People want to come into the GP after work as their employers don’t like them taking time off for GP appointments.

HW: Over the years people have been very happy with the care we have provided, and have come to accept that we are not open on Saturdays.

GC: Is flexitime an option for staff

SAD: Some surgeries close early on one day to even out the cost.

HW: Might be possible to do something about it. SAD & HW to have a look at options and discuss at next PPG meeting

SAD: Medical student might like to help as its extra work and experience for them.

PD: Nurses appointments online?

SAD: We have now open blood clinics online, but we can't do nurse clinics because of the different types of nurse appointments we offer with different nurses and the different times needed.

PD: PPG Survey positive comments most of which praised they surgery.

SAD: We are thinking about link on the website to a repeat prescription form where it can be completed and then submitted to the surgery, but this may decrease online access which we are supposed to be increasing numbers, so not yet gone ahead with this.

SAD: Will do article on website promoting online access to increase the numbers – Action

Providing the PPG with an opportunity to discuss survey findings and reach agreement with the PPG on changes to services



The results of the survey:


Publish on the Budbrooke Website

Publish with practice on PPG board

Emailed out to virtual PPG

The practice staff team also met to review and discuss the results of the survey.

Twitter publication of report


What was discussed and agreed


Ideas and Solutions;

It was agreed through feedback and discussion that the practice with the support of the PRG would work on a number of fronts to engage the practice population and practice in ways to improve services offered by the surgery, it was agreed these will include the following themes,


·         Letter box for prescriptions drop off for OOH’s

·         GP’s and nurses running late – information on website/TV screens to advise about GP’s running late/reception staff to advise patients on timescales/Notice boards in waiting room advising if clinicians are running late.

·         Later appointments in the evening and mornings – Dr White to review clinic times and ensure we start appointments at 8am and Mon/Wed/Fri run up until 6pm.

·         Dr White to review with Sarah Davies more extended hours and the feasibility of this

·         Nurses appointments online? We have now opened blood clinics online, but we can't do nurse clinics because of the different types of nurse appointments we offer with different nurses and the different times needed.

·         New enquiries inbox for patients to enquire about extending sick notes and acute medication- Sarah- Suggest we put the actual email address here as well.

·         Publishing information on telephone consultations availability

·         Publishing information on the use of email to the surgery (where appropriate) as an additional option to face to face or telephone consultations

·         Increasing online prescriptions

·         Look at re-designing website to focus on registrations on line

·         More information on website

·         Young patient engagement plan


Actions to be completed in the future;


For next years to engage with younger patients and encourage a larger uptake from this group. We received 0% responses for under 16’s and only  2% in the age group from 17-24 years. 


Agreed action plan with the PRG and seek PRG agreement to implementing




Patient Participation Action Plan – for Budbrooke


Survey Finding

Agreed Action

Action by who

Action by when

Date completed

Excellent to good on patient satisfaction with opening hours 90.61%, only 1.93% poor

Ensure more 8am start times by clinicians available and 6pm finishes

HW & SAD to explore extended hours      


31st Dec 2016


38.55% of patients were not aware of telephone consultations

Advertise on patients website/offer telephone consultations/ TV Screen and on newsletter


From July 2016 ongoing


63.35% of patients felt they were informed when clinicians are running late.

Reception to inform patients when they book in on clinicians running time. Notice on the TV screens. Notice put up in the waiting room when GP is running late.


From July 2016 ongoing



Details of the proposed action plan were published:

-       on the practice website

-       newsletter

-       In the practice

-       Through Virtual Patient Group


Update on Patient Participation Plan 2014-15. Increased uptake on survey/ media presence and online services  


Increase to 417 on patients undertaking survey

Increased patient newsletters & participation in continuing improvement

Re-design of website to incorporate ease of use for online facilities and forms

Introduction of online services for patient access to online viewing of medical records


Opening Hours



Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 08.00 – 18.00

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 08.00 – 17.00


Please see our website





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