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My hospital passport

‘My Hospital Passport’ is a resource for people with autism who might need hospital treatment.

The passport is designed to help autistic people to communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. It was developed by Baroness Angela Browning – an National Autistic Society Vice President – in collaboration with The National Autistic Society.

It was independently reviewed in 2017 and updated following comments by autistic people and professionals about how they were using it or wanted to use it.

Download the autism hospital passport (PDF)

Before making your passport, please read our guidance to assist you in completing and using it.

Download the autism hospital passport guidance (PDF)

Please either:

  • complete the passport online and print it out; or
  • print it out and complete in writing.

Once you have completed the passport, you should either:

  • staple the pages together to form a booklet; or
  • keep them in a clear plastic folder.

You might find it useful to make a spare copy for your own records.

When you have completed your passport, take it with you whenever you visit hospital and show it to the doctors, nurses and any other healthcare professionals you come into contact with.

When admitted to hospital for treatment overnight or for a long stay, you should:

  • give the passport to the doctor or nurse responsible for your care
  • ask them to make sure the passport is kept with the patient notes at the end of your bed.

The passport is endorsed by the Department of Health and promoted by NHS England. It is one of the projects referenced in the adult autism strategy, Think Autism.

Website: https://www.autism.org.uk/about/health/hospital-passport.aspx